Partners Animal Hospital is a Fear Free® Certified Practice

Welcome to Partners Animal Hospital, where our compassionate, professional team will provide consistent state-of-the-art veterinary care to your family by building a Fear Free® relationship with them. We invite you to partner with our passion for quality pet healthcare with exceptional service.

Fear Free® gives us the opportunity to go above and beyond to cater to your pet’s needs and make vet visits less stressful and, in turn, more relaxing and pleasant. Keeping your pet physically healthy is important, but their mental and emotional well-being is just as significant!

Why We’re Fear Free® Certified

At Partners Animal Hospital South Loop, building a fear-free relationship with our patients is a lifelong effort to which we are fully committed. We understand that a pet’s emotional health is just as important as their physical health, and to put this understanding into practice, we place a strong emphasis on limiting fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS) during every pet’s visit to our hospital. Our consistent effort to limit FAS allows us to take better care of your pet by taking a pet-centric approach tailored to their unique needs.

What to Expect with Fear Free® Care

fear free certified practice

Fear Free® care is conscious care. We are trained to read our patients’ behaviors and identify cues indicating fear, anxiety, and stress, and we then implement the necessary measures to alleviate those issues.

All of our team members are certified in low-stress handling and every area of our hospital is designed with pet wellness in mind, from the use of non-slip mats and treat distractions to pheromones and less “hands on” handling. We place a lot of importance on understanding and reducing FAS through constant professional development, behavioral observation, and client education.

Keeping stress and anxiety at manageable levels also helps to shorten healing time for our patients after an illness or surgery. Although some of our patients will still experience FAS during their visits, we are dedicated to supporting them in the ways we can with the compassion they deserve.

Fear Free can also be implemented at home. See our Fear Free® Resources for more information!