Providing Cat and Dog Vaccinations in South Loop, Chicago, IL

Vaccines give your pet essential disease protection, while also giving you peace of mind about their safety. Dogs and cats need antibodies to help them fight infection, just as we do. At Partners Animal Hospital in South Loop, we carry a full range of essential and risk-based cat and dog vaccines. Routine vaccinations are an important part of your pet’s preventive care regimen, and we administer them based on their health, age, breed, and lifestyle.

Like you, we want your pet to stay protected and healthy for life. Make an appointment today to schedule their vaccinations!

pet vaccinations in South Loop, Chicago, IL

How Many Vaccines Does My Dog or Cat Need?

The number of vaccines your pet needs depends on their individual circumstances. While every pet should receive certain vaccines to stay healthy, the ones they’ll need may differ. Since all dogs and cats are unique, we take an individualized approach to their vaccinations. To know which vaccines your pet needs, we take time to learn about their health history, lifestyle, environment, and other key factors. From there, we can decide which vaccines are most essential to your companion’s daily protection.

Dog and Cat Vaccines
We Offer in South Loop

Our hospital carries the following vaccines for dogs and cats:

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Which Vaccines are Essential?

We strongly recommend our rabies and DHPP vaccines for all dogs, and rabies and FVRCP for all cats. All remaining vaccines are recommended based on your pet’s lifestyle and risk of exposure. Therefore, Bordetella, Lyme, Leptospirosis, Canine influenza, and Feline leukemia are all considered lifestyle-based vaccines.

By limiting your pet’s vaccination schedule to include only the vaccines they genuinely need, we can keep them protected and lower their risk for over-vaccination. Over-vaccination is rare, but can lead to adverse reactions in dogs and cats. In addition to administering certain vaccinations on an as-needed basis, we can also space out your pet’s appointments so they are not receiving too many boosters at once.